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Solid Dish Soap Bar Dish Option

Solid Dish Soap Bar Dish Option

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Dish Alone
Speckled Dish With Soap
Earth Tone Dish with Soap

Solid Dish Soap is available in custom designer bowls with three glaze options to choose from to match your decor. Not only will these bowls look beautiful in your kitchen, but they are also easily refillable by purchasing a Solid Dish Soap Refill Puck to place in your empty bowl once your soap is used up. After a few washes, your soap will mould into the dish. 

Remember: to extend the life of your soap, pour out any water from your bowl after each use.

Solid dish soap is a fantastic zero waste option. It's gentler on hands than conventional dish soaps and causes no environmental harm when it goes down the drain. It lathers beautifully, cleans up all those foody messes and lasts a very long time.

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