Spotlight on Expert Knitter, Colleen Babb

Spotlight on Expert Knitter, Colleen Babb

Colleen Babb spotted us on social media 5 years ago and called to see how she could get involved. We are so happy she did because this is just the kind of magic that makes Spaza products so special. 
Having started her knitting career at the age of 7 years, Colleen has a lot of stitches behind her and she doesn't give up for anything so there are many more to come. When developing a new design, she makes sample after sample, until she is absolutely happy that she has  right yarn, the right stitch count on the perfect size needles. See the results in Colleen's new hand-knit cotton cloth. 
 How old are you? 


Are you retired?

No.  I am a housewife who loves to knit & crochet.

Have you had other occupations?

I was a telephonist and receptionist.

What would you be doing, if not producing SPAZA products?

I would be knitting for myself or charity.

What’s the best part of making SPAZA products.

I get to do something I enjoy.

…and the worst?

I enjoy it so much that I do not get to knit for myself.

How does this work benefit you?

I have been able to regain my confidence and independence.

What benefit could this work have for others and the community?

It could help people to feel useful in the community while earning.

What’s your most memorable experience in making SPAZA products?

Meeting the team that make SPAZA successful and knowing that people like

to buy the products that I have made.

Colleen's cloth is only available in South Africa from our store at The Watershed and online here> 

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