Restore nature, one shrub at a time

Restore nature, one shrub at a time


The Earth’s temperature is rising every year. Wildfires are spreading and water is growing increasingly scarce. But spekboom can help.

Portulacaria Afra, commonly known as “spekboom” is a succulent plant indigenous to South Africa. This sprawling bright green shrub could be the key to offsetting carbon emissions and helping to restore balance to our planet. 

By acting like a carbon sponge, one hectare of spekboom can absorb between 4 and 10 tonnes of CO2 per year and is 10 times more effective per hectare at carbon fixing than any tropical rainforest. 

In addition, this evergreen wonder plant grows without formal planting and can do so using very little water. It is also fire-resistant and can live for up to 200 years. 

This is why we’ve partnered up with Respek Nature, a propagation network that seeks to offset carbon emission by planting thousands of spekboom in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. 

With just a click of a button, you can make a move with the future in mind and play a valuable part in mitigating the harmful effects of climate change. 

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