Herbal Tea From Your Garden

Herbal Tea From Your Garden

It was the simple satisfaction of harvesting a hot aromatic cup of tea from my garden that inspired this blog post.  I was reading up on how and why we use tea cozies and discovered all these hot infusions that I had not considered. Thyme, basil, and I had forgotten about drinking lavender tea.  Now, I'm the hunter-gatherer with the red teapot!


  • easy to grow indoors and out
  • Fresh minty drink hot or cold.
  • Aids digestion, calming and cleansing 
  • 3-4 leaves per cup


  • grow indoors and out
  • fragrant, relaxing, calming
  • helps with insomnia, stress
  • infuse 3-4 flowers only per cup for 5 minutes


  • grows indoors and out
  • subtle uplifting and warming tea
  • good for colds as it has vitamin C
  • infuse 4-5 whole steams in boiling water

Lemon Verbena

  • needs warm sunny spots, keep watered
  • growing outside, mine dies back in winter
  • refreshing, cleansing aromatic citrus flavour
  • aids in digestion
  • 4 leaves per cup


  • grows easily in a pot on the window sill
  • I can only describe the taste as fresh and herby:)
  • said to have many health benefits: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, good for a sore throat
  • infuse 5-6 leaves per cup in bowled water for 5 minutes

I don't have fennel growing but it makes a great after-dinner brew and is easy to grow here. You can also make fantastic combinations so have a look for some recipes according to the herbs you have growing.

  1. Start with a warm teapot by swirling a little boiled water around and pouring it out. 
  2. Add your herbs, more for stronger tea, less for a weaker infusion. Cover with as many cups of boiled water as you are making.
  3. Covering your teapot with a lid and a tea cozy not only keeps your tea warm while it steeps but also traps the steam in which helps extract the beneficial essential oils from the herbs.
  4. Leave for 5-10 minutes. Pour through a strainer.

These infusions are also great once they have cooled down, add ice and lemon for refreshing summer drinks.  Ah - and no packaging! 

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