A Mother’s Love, A Community’s Support

A Mother’s Love, A Community’s Support

As Mother’s Day approaches, SpaZa believes in celebrating not only the joys of motherhood but also the spirit of compassion. This year, our focus is on helping a mother who has dedicated her life to nurturing others.

Our Commitment: The Protea Collection

For every purchase from our exquisite Protea Collection, 10% of the sales will be donated to Zenisha’s Play and Learning Center (ZPLC). Founded by the resilient Zelna Barends, ZPLC serves as a lifeline for children and adults with disabilities in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. 

Zenisha’s Story: A Journey of Love and Determination


Zelna’s daughter, Zenisha, was born with Down Syndrome, setting Zelna on a remarkable path. As Zenisha grew, Zelna faced the challenges of raising a child with a learning disability. However, her struggles intensified when she sought a suitable mainstream school for Zenisha. The harsh reality hit home: there were no schools catering to learners with disabilities in their rural area.

Undeterred by this setback, Zelna embarked on a mission. She envisioned a space where Zenisha and others like her could thrive.

Addressing a Wider Need: 

Zelna realized that she was not alone in lacking adequate support. South Africa, specifically the Northern Cape, reports the highest prevalence rates of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in the world. Children with FASD are smaller in size compared to their peers and often experience learning disabilities. These children deserve a place where they can learn, grow, and flourish.

The Birth of ZPLC: A Beacon of Hope

Fueled by love and determination, Zelna established Zenisha’s Play and Learning Center (ZPLC) in July 2017. This humble center operates as a registered Non-Profit Organization (NPO), defying limitations from its modest beginnings.

ZPLC currently operates out of a 12-meter cargo container ingeniously transformed into an office, nestled in Zelna’s backyard. Within these walls, transformation occurs as children learn through play. But Zelna’s vision extends beyond the container’s confines. The center aspires to establish a more formal and permanent space, a dream that hinges on the allocation of land by the local municipality. With determination and community support, ZPLC aims to create an inclusive haven for people with special needs in the community. 

Zenisha’s Initiative: Empowering Education and Skills for All

At the heart of our community lies Zenisha’s Early Intervention Education Center—a beacon of hope. Here, eight preschool learners step through the doors each day, their eyes wide with curiosity. Zenisha’s team provides a holistic approach, nurturing not only academic growth but also emotional well-being. Beyond the classroom, Zenisha’s vision extends to an after-school program for underprivileged learners. Twenty-two adults with disabilities attend workshops, learning skills that empower them to work with their hands and potentially earn a living.

Private Donors and Entities: The Lifeline

With no government funding or subsidies, ZPLC relies on private donors and entities for financial support. Their generosity sustains the center’s mission, with the hope that every child and adult with disabilities receives the care and opportunities they deserve.

Learn more on their facebook page

Would you like to make a positive impact? Consider donating to Zenisha’s Play and Learning Center (ZPLC). You can donate here

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