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Halo Dish Covers

Halo Dish and Bowl Cover Large | Edible Flowers

Halo Dish and Bowl Cover Large | Edible Flowers

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Use to cover salad bowls on the table, in the refrigerator, or when transporting your contribution to a gathering.

30 cm/12 inches (fits maximum diameter)

Takes the shape of your dish so use on oval, square and rectangular dishes.

Breathable, no sweating of leafy greens or condensation.

Plastic-free, non-disposable, long-lasting.

100% lightweight cotton.

Available in denim blue

Microwave safe

Not oven-proof.

Care instructions: Machine wash, air or tumble dry as required. 

This Edible Flower series is the work of Johanna Linde. Meet the Artist here

Learn more about the Halo Dish Cover project. 

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